Towing and breakdown services in Kitengela

Towing and breakdown services in Kitengela

Towing and Breakdown services in Kitengela .Welcome to Elite Towing Company ,Kitengela branch .We have been around since 2010  offering
incomparable  towing services in kitengela, Kenya . Towing Company in Nairobi Kenya .Having been in the business for more than 15 years, we have grown from a small local  towing Company to one of the most prominent towing and recovery companies in Kenya.

Elite Truck Towing Company has been around since 2010 offering
incomparable truck towing and breakdown services in Kitengela, Kenya and East Africa at
large. Towing Company in Kitengela and breakdown in Kenya .Having been in the business for more than 15 years, we have grown
from a small local truck towing service Nairobi to one of the most prominent
truck towing and recovery companies in East Africa.
Up to date, Elite Towing and Roadside Assistance Company is one of the
most recognized and trusted tow services providers. We offer a variety of
incomparable services just to have you covered whenever you need towing
services. We will readily help you when you;

– Need roadside assistance services
– Have encountered flat tire
– Need 24/7 towing services
– Have experienced battery issues
– Need emergency on-road services
– Looking for heavy duty towing
– Are out of gas
– Looking for junk removal services in Kenya etc.

Unlike some other emergency roadside assistance services Nairobi Kenya,
we are fully licensed. You can thus do business with us without any fear. If
you are not aware, all  towing companies are required by the law to
obtain a permit before entering into the towing industry.
For a towing company to obtain the license, they need to comply with
various requirements. For instance, they offer legit services – we boast
about that. All our previous customers have given us a five-star rating for
the towing services we offered. Towing Company in Nairobi Kenya.

Breakdown and Towing services

Here at Elite Truck Towing East Africa, we understand that your towing
needs are paramount. We know how it feels to be stuck on the roads (most
of our staff have been there before) and that is why we strive to offer you
help when you need it the most. Our customer care desk is reachable 24/7
– you can give us a phone call whenever a towing need arises.
We promise to attend to your calls as soon as you call 0722566903 or
email us Under normal circumstances, Elite towing
company will respond to your needs within less than an hour depending on
your location within East Africa.

Our truck towing drivers are exceptionally trained to handle all sorts of
towing tasks in the industry. We serve public transport vehicles, private
vehicles as well as business vehicles and vans.
Here at Elite Towing services, we have a vast network of tow truck drivers
who are fully authorized to offer roadside assistance anywhere in Kenya
and the entire east Africa. Be sure that you will find us in your nearest
location – we are simply the best truck towing company near you and for

Towing company in Nairobi

Unlike some towing companies in Nairobi Kenya out there, Elite Towing Company
uses proper equipment for the task in hand. If you want to hire heavy
hauling services, we will end up doing the job for you. We are aware that
using the wrong equipment can end up damaging your equipment and
that’s why we invested in the right equipment. It does not matter the kind of
towing service you need: you can expect us to come handy as per your

When it comes to pricing, we are unbeatable – we charge you what you
can readily afford to bear. You will never incur hidden charges for the
services we offer to you. Do you need to confirm this? Have a look at our
towing pricing list

Distance/KM Charges/KES (towing services in nairobi)

1. 0 to 10 4,500
2. 10 TO 20 6,000
3. 20 TO 30 9,000
4. 30 TO 40 KM 10,500
5. 40 TO 5O 12,000

As you can see from this table, we charge you cost-friendly prices; however
this does not in any way imply that we offer shoddy services. Our main goal
is to give you more than you deserve as long as vehicle breakdown
services are concerned.

You will come across various towing and breakdown services in Kitengela, Kenya that overate
their rescue services. We don’t do that. Instead, our process is very clear –
get a roadside emergency and give us a phone call. We will give you a free
estimate right away so that you are aware of your expenses to be.

Besides, we will never request you to pay for us services if you are not
pleased. Also we will never ask you for down payment (unlike the case with
other towing and breakdown  service providers in Kitengela. We want you to pay for our services
once we have delivered them to you and you are 100% satisfied.
Whereas there are very many truck towing companies to contract in East
Africa, several things make us the best. Below are some quick reasons to
consider our truck towing services

Why Choose Elite Towing Company Nairobi?

1. 24/7 Availability

We know that your towing needs can’t wait and this why we will never sleep
24/7. It does no matter where you need towing in east Africa or when you
need them (day or night). We will be there to your service. Simply call,
email, WhatsApp or contact us on our web. Our team of professionals will
be on-site within less than an hour.

2. We Are Trusted

With more than 30 years in the business, Elite Truck Towing Company
Kenya has offered roadside assistance to several happy and satisfied
customers. Everybody we previously served wants to return or recommend
our services. The sole reason behind this is our transparency when it
comes to service delivery. We don’t hide anything from our clients –
something that has made us the most trusted  towing company in Nairobi

3. We Charge Reasonable Prices

We will never exploit our customers. Whether you have previously hired our
services or are doing it for the first time, we will charge the normal prices
(see our pricing list). Note that we may extend discounts to special

4. We Have Competent Customer Help Desk

When you have a roadside emergency, you need help instantly. You don’t want to experience those boring moments when you are calling truck
towing services that won’t pick your calls or respond to your emails and text messages. Elite towing has supposedly the most competent customer help
line – we will never keep you waiting on the line. Even if you text us or
contact us via the web, we will make efforts to call back


5. We Are Licensed

There is nothing good as making towing deals with an authorized truck
towing company. It gives you guarantee that you are working with a legit
body that will cover the costs in case your properties on transit get

damaged. Towing Company in Nairobi Kenya .
A licensed company adheres to all the stipulated regulations in the towingindustry. Elite Towing Truck Towing and Roadside assistance Nairobi is
one of such companies. Do business with us without any fear – we have all
it takes to offer superior quality towing services. Visit our official website for
more info

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