Breakdown services in Nairobi-Kenya

Breakdown and wrecker services

If you own a vehicle, you know that it’s a common thing to get stuck
anywhere on the road. When you get stuck you must need a breakdown to assist you to get into a workshop. your vehicle may stop due to poor road conditions
or even mechanical issues. When such a thing happens, your travel moods
turn into bad moods, but the most nagging matter is the immobile vehicle
on the road.
So, what would you do if you encounter such an unwanted situation? You
will be required to look for the services of a reliable breakdown service provider and a towing company

Breakdown and wrecker services

Towing services Nairobi play a significant role when it comes to servicing
your vehicle. However, for the best experience, make sure that you
contract a trustworthy truck towing service provider.
There are so many  towing companies in Nairobi, Kenya but not every
towing company you come across will be good for your particular needs.
Here at Elite Towing, we promise to do our best to offer you the most
needed support in all the adversities you encounter while riding your
Some of the crucial services we extend to you include;

1. Emergency Towing Nairobi

Elite Towing offers timely and trusted 24/7 emergency breakdown and towing services in
Nairobi. We understand that emergencies on the highway can be scary,
frustrating and stressful, and that’s why we strive to be available at any
time you need our services.
When you inform us about your emergency, we do everything in our
capacity to reach you within half an hour regardless of your region in the
Nairobi metropolitan area.


Other than being fast, reliable and affordable, our breakdown and tow truck drivers are exceptionally trained and experienced. They will give you incomparable
towing services at the hour of your needs.
Call us right away 0722566903 for a quick tow at extremely affordable
costs 24/7
Here are some quick reasons why you’d need our emergency towing
– You were involved in an accident
– You slid off-the-road into a creek bed or ditch
– Your vehicle broke down


2. Flatbed Towing Truck Service Nairobi

In Elite Towing Nairobi offers proven flatbed towing services in cases
where the traditional dolly towing is not a reasonable choice for your car.
Our flatbed services offer safe and secure transportation for your
truck/vehicle at extremely affordable prices.
Flatbed towing minimizes the incidences of wear and tear that would
otherwise occur with a dolly tow amid longer distances transport.
Our flatbed towing is ideal if;
-Whenever you need a long-distance towing
– You are looking for special car towing (that is Ferrari, Corvette,
Royce, Mercedes etc.)
-When you need large vehicle towing
– You looking for classic, antique & vintage vehicle towing
-Anytime you want to haul to the nearest repair shop
– Transporting to/from a nearby car dealership

Towing and Breakdown services 2

3. Car Accident Towing Services

Being involved in a car accident can be stressful and hectic – not
mentioning the cost. Don’t fall victim of lousy breakdown and towing companies for

Reach out breakdown and  Towing services in Nairobi whenever you encounter an accident
and be confident that we will offer the much-needed help. We have truck
drivers who are excellently trained to deliver quick, amicable and timely
truck accident towing services.
Whether your vehicle slid off-the-road into a creek or ditch, you can reach
out to us and expect a fast, efficient, cost-friendly towing/roadside

We advise you to do the following in case you encounter an accident.
– If it possible please pull off your vehicle to the roadside
– Turn on your vehicle’s emergency lights – these will alert other drivers
– Help those injured, if any
– Stay calm
– Notify police or local authorities
– Contact us, Elite Towing Nairobi


4. Motorcycle Towing Services

Nairobi and its areas offer great opportunities, prerequisite views and good
weather for your motorcycle riding. With this in mind, Elite Towing
Company Nairobi understands the need for incomparable motorcycle
services – whether you have an emergency on the highway or simply need
to transport a motorcycle over a long distance or locally, Elite Towing is the
best option to consider. Our motorcycle towing services are available at
reasonable prices and dependable.

Whether you have a Yamaha, Harley-Davidson or Honda, below are some
conditions under which you may consider our motorcycle towing services.
– Accident transportation
– Local tow
– Tow from/to repair shops
– Long-distance tow
– Tow from dealership etc.
Are you looking to tow a bike? Get our licensed and insured truck services
anytime you need. Reach out to us for a free estimate 0706600555.

5. Roadside Assistance

Our roadside assistance comes handy in case your vehicle broke down,
leaving you stranded. We will offer you help when your car battery requires
a jump, breakdown services, have a flat tire, need fuel delivery, minor repair etc.
We don’t want you to suffer alone when you encounter unforeseen perils
on the road. Instead, we will be there for you offering solutions to all your
on-road needs.
Give us a call anytime you need our services -we promise to never frustrate

6. Abandoned Vehicle Towing

If you are property or business owner within the ever-busy Nairobi city, the
chances are such that you have dealt with abandoned vehicles previously.
Dealing with illegal parking at your rental property or business can be
disastrous without the right assistance.
When you encounter unregistered, unauthorized, or abandoned cars
parked without your consent on your business premises or rental
properties, Elite Towing Nairobi, Kenya will readily help you to remove


We are fully authorized and insured. Our breakdown  drivers have gone
under intensive training and are highly experienced at managing such kinds
of tasks, i.e. safely and securely towing abandoned vehicles.
You have the right to get such unlawfully abandoned vehicles removed as
they can block your business, thus affecting the regular running of your

Final Thought

As a vehicle driver or owner, you never know when you may need the
services of a reliable truck towing company Nairobi. A lot of things can
happen on the roads leaving you confused and frustrated. We understand
that this is the last thing you’d want to experience and that’s why we
promise to see you through. Reach out to us whenever you need roadside
rescue and assistance. We will be more than happy to serve you.

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