Breakdown-Flatbed services near me Nairobi

Breakdown-Flatbed services in Nairobi

Breakdown-Flatbed .A car breakdown is mostly caused by a mechanical failure of the motor vehicle so that the problem prevents the normal functionality of the car. Different factors can cause vehicle breakdown. In these scenarios breakdown -flatbed services Nairobi are needed for ferrying the vehicle to an automotive repair garage.

Regardless of how breakdown-flatbed is, towing trucks are unavoidable. We are likely to experience problems when we are on the road. Creating a good relationship with a towing and breakdown Nairobi service provider will lessen such events’ irritation and get you back on the streets as soon as possible.

Below are some factors you need to consider before choosing the right breakdown service Nairobi provider.


Area of coverage: you need assurance you will get the breakdown services in Kenya where your truck is traveling. For your operation, you may require a

  • local area service provider. However, if you are traveling nationally or regionally, make sure you get coast to coast area coverage.
  • Coverage hours: Always enquire about your breakdown services, Nairobi hours of operation. If your processes are during normal business hours, you don’t need a company that provides 24/7 But if your vehicles are on the road almost all hours, make sure your service provider is available irrespective if it’s three o’clock in the morning or afternoon.
  • Technician skill: technicians working on your vehicle/ truck determine how fast they will diagnose your problem. Consult about the technician training and credentials before seeking for any breakdown services.
  • Qualification of the breakdown service provider: at times, a small quick fix on the road is needed; sometimes, you may need to tow your vehicle to an automotive repair garage for a necessary repair. Please inquire about the process used for vetting different breakdown service Nairobi providers to ensure they are qualified to work on your vehicles.

Response time: how fast are the breakdown trucks sent to the scene of breakdown? The quicker the service truck dispatches, the faster the repair and diagnosis process can start.

  • Communication: knowing the diagnosis process is good when dealing with a breakdown on our roads. Get the information needed about the whole repair process and communications they use to make sure you make the right decision as you grind.

Flatbed towing services near me


There is the process of trying to get a car from one point to another. This towing process involves flatbed trucks.

Breakdown-Flatbed towing services in Kenya are among the safest means of transporting your vehicle. Many companies offer long haul towing of your car. Some companies pick up many cars in the same region that may be going in the same direction. These hauling processes can be expensive in that somebody may use it for the transportation of high-end vehicles.


Flatbed trucks

Flatbed trucks are designed to have four wheels that are mostly placed together at the truck’s epicenter for a better balance of the car and avoid swaying during the towing and breakdown-flatbed service in Nairobi. Loading your vehicle in these trucks is usually simple. You drive your vehicle up to the flatbed truck, park, secure the car to the car, and leave.

Breakdown-flatbed services


Flatbed trucks don’t require any adjustment to the vehicle powertrain. A power train is part of the vehicle that transfers energy from the engine to its wheels. Apart from the hitch needed on tow trucks, you also don’t need to purchase any extra parts for towing your car. With a breakdown-flatbed truck, the vehicle in tow won’t take any tear or wear during the trip as compared to you driving the car by yourself, taking into consideration all your wheels aren’t on the ground, the engine parts are not in motion, and the keys out of the ignition.

The breakdown-flatbed trucks are the right option when planning transportation of a high volume of materials on a solo trip. You can transport bulk materials that may be for construction, basic framing lumber, and interior works.

A great benefit is saving upfront costs for faster completion of your project and delivery of repair services.

By hiring professionals like, you have assured the protection of your cargo. We have equipment that will keep your vehicle safe and sound. We are also equipped with a supply of coils, racks, and chains to secure your item and keenly transport your cargo to your desired destination.

Final thought

At the elite towing company, we provide all these services. Our staff and drivers are expert and professional in what they do. We are committed to providing our clients with nothing but the best. Our breakdown services in Nairobi are available 24/7; for more information, 0706600555, or visit

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