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You can depend on Elite flatbed Towing in Nairobi if you need emergency car Flatbed towing and  recovery in
Nairobi, Kenya, and the whole of East Africa. All of our drivers are licensed and
insured and put the customer first. When you call us (0706600555), text, live chat
email (info@elitetowing.co.ke), you’ll know that we’ll be with you ASAP to get
you and your broken-down vehicle to safety. Your vehicle will be completely safe
with our Elite Towing Company Nairobi, and we can take it to the local garage of
your choice.


We also offer long-distance towing services.
Our experts aren’t just highly trained, licensed, and certified to get the job done,
but they also want to see your day return to normal as quickly as possible and with
the utmost ease. From emergency light, medium cars and motorbike towing to
routine vehicle transport and beyond. Elite Towing Company Kenya is here to
provide the exceptional quality vehicle recovery service you deserve.



Elite Towing Company Nakuru provides 24hr breakdown and accident assistance
with a wide range of innovative cover options at a very reasonable price. Our
primary business activities consist of breakdown ,flatbed towing  , accident rescue services for
all types of vehicles. We are a dedicated and experienced team that has excelled in
the vehicle recovery industry by providing high-quality flatbed towing service to our valued
customers and registered clients.


No matter where in Nairobi, Kenya, and the whole of East Africa. You need
breakdown assistance; our experienced and professional team are available 24hr to
come to your rescue. Whether your vehicle has broken down, you’re involved in a
road accident, or you need a home start, give us a call on our 24hr hotline, and
we’ll be on our way.

We understand the pain of being stranded on the road with a flat tire, a battery
failure, engine failure, or any other kind of breakdown. We handle 99% of
breakdown within 39 minutes. So, you can be confident that you’ll be looked after
quickly and efficiently flatbed towing services.

Towing Services




Elite Towing Company offers you our new package of roadside assistance and flatbed towing mostly
if your insurance has not covered that; whether it is a flat tire or dead battery, if
you cannot drive your vehicle for any reason, either you have to fix the problem
yourself, or you can call Elite Towing Company Customer Care to restore your car.

Insurance companies usually partner with a network of companies that provide
roadside assistance services. If your insurance policy does not cover roadside
assistance, keep calm, and call us dependable flatbed towing  service to get the issue fixed.
Following are some of the types of roadside assistance services we offer:

Towing Services



What should you do when your vehicle battery dies, and you need to jump-start? If
you are stuck in the middle of a road, move your vehicle to a safe location. Since
boosting is a type of roadside service, you can call a company that provides
emergency response. Most of the modern cars are unlikely to require a jump-start.
You should replace the old battery in your car to permanently fix the issue.


Flat Tire is another common problem that can be fixed without any professional
assistance. However, if you don’t have the knowledge and tools to change the tire,
you had better call a roadside professional and get instant help. As a precautionary
measure, inspect your vehicle’s tire regularly; replace old tires to avoid unexpected


The situation can ruin a beautiful day when you cannot unlock your car for some
reason. The quick solution is to call a lockout service; it is one type of roadside
assistance. A roadside professional should have the expertise and tools to unlock a
door. If the roadside service professional couldn’t unlock the door, call Elite
Towing Company Mombasa. Besides, reputable roadside assistance companies
also provide locksmith services.


Fuel delivery service is required when a vehicle runs out of gas while there is no
nearby gas station. A roadside professional can reach the spot and deliver enough
gas to get the vehicle to the nearest gas station.
Roadside service can help you in many situations. In East Africa, Elite Towing
Company is a company that provides both towing and roadside expertise. If you
are in East Africa and need emergency roadside or vehicle recovery service, give
us a quick call and stay put.


There’s no easier, more affordable way to take on the complex and physically
tough challenges of flatbed freight transportation than with the logistical expertise
of Elite Towing Company Services Kisumu. Shipping with the use of a flatbed towing
truck demands tried and right transportation methodology and a robust and able bodied workforce to secure and carry your cargo. Your goods move on an open-air
flatbed trailer across dangerous terrain and in adverse weather conditions. Rely on
our extensive and reliable network of flatbed transportation carriers to bring your
goods to their destination safely and on-time.



Open-deck trailers require much more focused preparation and skilled
transportation than ordinary trucking jobs. Fortunately, we know how to handle it.

Finding the Right Size Trailer
Flatbed trailers range in size depending on the capacity and power of the truck.
Most flatbeds range in length from 48 feet to 53 feet and measure 102 inches wide.
The volume and size of your cargo will determine how big your trailer needs to be.
Securing Your Freight
Flatbeds don’t benefit from the walls of a standard shipping container. You’ll need
a shipping expert with experience in tying and handling freight so it doesn’t move
during transit.


Planning and Acquiring Permits
Not every state enforces the same rules and regulations for flatbeds. We know
what permits you’ll need to get your freight across state borders without a hitch.
Ensuring Optimum Safety
Hauling freight requires transportation experts to be well versed in speed
requirements and optimum route planning. Our coverage doesn’t stop there – we
also make sure that escort vehicles are available when necessary and that your
freight is insured properly.

Towing Services


Our staff averages ten years of experience in the shipping industry per person, and
they’ve been working with one another for over five years. The level of expertise,
trust, and teamwork at Elite Towing Company Services are unmatched in the
shipping industry, and we want to prove that you can count on our know-how to
cover every aspect of your flatbed shipment.
To help build your trust, we offer tracking on all of your shipments so you can
keep an eye on the progress of your freight and stay informed of potential issues.


Contact us mid-shipment if you need to make any changes – we remain available
and flexible to help you stay on schedule.
Don’t worry about awkwardly shaped or oversized cargo. We’ll handle the
logistics of your freight on our flatbed trucks through our incredibly vast network
of transportation professionals. Available multimodal shipping combined with
unmatched equipment options and a reliable carrier chain means we can take on
even the most challenging jobs.


Welcome to Elite Towing Company, the premier vehicle logistic provider in
Kenya and Eastern Africa at large. Each year, coast to coast and across the borders,
Elite Towing Company agency orchestrates the delivery of over 20 thousand
vehicles. Our satisfied clients include all major global vehicle manufacturers, remarketers, financial institutions, auctions, dealers, single retail units, and
personally owned vehicles. You can trust us to deliver your vehicle on time and
damage-free. Across the city or the country, Elite Car and Towing Company is
Driven to Deliver.

Towing Services


Elite Wrecker Service is here to take the stress and hassle out of your typical
experience. With our valued services, you can delight in expedient service,
ensuring you always have the services you need when you need them. By choosing
Elite Wrecker Service, you can allow your worries to dissipate; remember that we
want your vehicle and equipment towed safely. Our team of well-trained
professionals will provide you with the timely and effective towing services you
need and deserve. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible. For unmatched
service, you’ve come to the right place.


Elite Towing Company East Africa offers many types of lifting beam designs,
some of them are fixed beams, H beams, moveable center of gravity beams,
hydraulic-powered beams, spreader beams with a levelling system, or motorized
rotating beams.

A lifting beam is one of the most useful and ideal devices if you know exactly
what kind of load you want to handle.

Elite lifting beams can adapt themselves to
every customer’s needs in terms of capacity, available accessories, hoists (and
several hoists of the crane) design, and safety standards. They offer excellent
results, long life span, and they are a low maintenance factor rigging gear. A lifting
beam designed by an ex-professor for your company and a specific task will
improve the handling of your loads.


As you may be aware, there are so many trucks towing services in Nairobi and
East Africa, but none of them compares to Elite Towing Company. We have been
around for more than five years, offering superior quality towing services East
Africa. Over the years in business, we have served many happy and satisfied
clients who had similar towing needs as yours.

Reach out to us whenever you have
towing needs, and we will be more than willing to see you through. Elite Company
ltd Nairobi has your thought in mind – look no further! Call 0706600555 or email
info@elitetowing.co.ke us now to get a free quote.

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