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We all have been there ,in the middle of nowhere, stranded on an empty and deserted road .If you don`t like the idea to wait for somebody to stop and assist you ,then remember our phone No. when necessary ,take advantage of our professional towing  services.

With a fleet of several trucks, our team is ever ready to respond to any call from our clients.

best towing our services

We provide fast ,affordable and reliable  services in Nairobi and the neighboring areas. Our services includes:

  1. Breakdown services.
  2. Rescue & Recovery services.
  3. Roadside assistance.
  4. Special Towing
  5. Towing services.

Car Towing Nairobi

Any time your vehicle develops a mechanical problem ,involved in an accident ,flat tire or a brand new car ,your best solution is to contact us and all your problems solved .Our operators are well trained and well equipped to help keep you and your vehicle safe by ensuring you move your car to a safer location or a garage of your choice.

Our Tow trucks operators are well trained to travel ,handle and reach the site of the breakdown or accident site quickly, in order to help assist in moving your vehicle .Our team is well equipped with the necessary equipment, ranging from car battery, jump starter ,fuel if in need to ensure that even if your car is unable to start due to low battery issues, fuel or flat tire they can help get the vehicle delivered to your preferred location.

Feel free to contact Elite Towing Company for free quotation.


  1. I am a student of BAK College. The recent paper competition gave me a lot of headaches, and I checked a lot of information. Finally, after reading your article, it suddenly dawned on me that I can still have such an idea. grateful. But I still have some questions, hope you can help me.

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