Special Towing Services in Nairobi-Kenya

special towing in Nairobi

We at Elite Towing Company we provide special towing and special transportation services for caravans ,motor homes, vintage  cars, cars ,boats and motorcycles .Depending on the vehicle ,we have the facilities to either tow it or put it on one of our trailers and transport it that way .We are able to transport weights of up to 3.5 tones (including the trailer), so no matter what you want moved ,our Special Towing Service is perfect for all your heavy item delivery!

special towing services

We tow cars from :Home to site ,site to home, site to site ,home to garage and from showrooms to home .Our full range of   Towing Services includes:

  • Special Collection & delivery of your vehicle or motorcycle from either your home or site to your preferred garage.
  • Nationwide collection and delivery  service plus to anywhere in Nairobi ,Kenya and East Africa.
  • Special collection and delivery service to your seasonal pitch of for the siting of your touring caravan or mooring of your boat following purchases. Collection and delivery service to a dealer of your choice when your car ,motorcycle ,caravan or boat is due for its annual service.
  •  exhibition trailer towing service.

We have a range of different tow hitch sizes and breaking equipment at our disposal so no matter what make or model your vehicle is or what size ,we can move it! We have over 20 different trailers!

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services.

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