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Elite Towing company is also involved in the delivery of on-site Health and Safety units. These are usually onto works sites, where heavy duty vehicles are necessary and thus our involvement.

Towing services for private individuals includes the transportation of Cars ,vehicles ,motorcycles ,generators ,caravans, boats, and other pleasure trailers.

Other towing services include the movement of large flight boxes, machinery, generators, and other obscure shaped loads. Because of the nature and size of some load items, we can supply a cheaper and much more efficient service than companies with vehicles over 10 tones.

best towing company service provider in Nairobi.

You can depend on us if you need emergency car recovery in Nairobi, Kenya and the whole of East Africa. All of our drivers are licensed and insured and put the customer first. When you call us, you’ll know that we’ll be with you ASAP in order to get you and your broken-down vehicle to safety. Your vehicle will be completely safe with our Elite Towing Company, and we can take it to the local garage of your choice. We also offer long and short distance towing services.

Our experts aren’t just highly trained, licensed and certified to get the job done but they also want to see your day return to normal as quickly as possible and with the utmost ease. From emergency light, medium cars and motorbike towing to routine vehicle transport and beyond. Elite Towing Company is here to provide the exceptional quality vehicle recovery service you deserve.

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There are many different occasions when you will be in need of a towing service to get you out of a tense condition .You must make sure that you have chosen the right towing company to secure your vehicle .Every towing service have different towing techniques and methods .At Elite towing company we offer the most efficient and safest towing services in Nairobi and the environments .Our rates varies depending on the distance and conditions of the car or the goods to be towed.

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